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Our Industry Solutions

Whether you’re a cotton farmer, cane grower, a dairy farmer, a rice farmer, or a mixed cropping enterprise, our industry-specific automation products and systems will save you time, water and money.


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Explore our range of automated systems 

At Padman Automation, we understand there’s never a ‘one-size fits all’ approach, when it comes to farming.


That’s why we offer a range of flexible automation products, designed to suit your specific needs, on any part of your property.

Permanent Systems
Designed to be moved twice per year, according to the season.

Time-based Systems
Make the most of modern technology by pre-programming your irrigation, so everything happens for you, just like clockwork.

Portable Systems
Designed to be moved on a daily basis, as needed, to stretch your dollar further.

Sensor-based Systems
Achieve better, higher quality yields with ease, by utilising our superior sensors, to accurately monitor what your soil and property needs, at any given moment.

Discover the benefit of farm automation

Farming has never been easier, with this incredible technology at our fingertips.


Discover how it can benefit you.

Save Water

Grow more, with less water. Our precision sensors and advanced automation help you irrigate more efficiently and effectively. Helping you to make the most of your precious water resources.

Save Time

Forget spending your entire day, and half the night(!), switching water on and off. Simply set and forget with Padman Automation, allowing you more time for other important tasks (like sleep!).

Save Power

Higher precision irrigation equals less power consumption and wastage. When everything turns on and off at exactly the right times, your farm becomes a whole lot more efficient.

Increase Productivity

Ever wished you could get more done on the farm, each day? With Padman Automation you can! You’ll be able to increase your plant productivity and your labour productivity, giving you more time to spend on other essential activities and enhancements.

The Padman Group 
The Farmers' Friend in Irrigation for over 30 years 

Padman Stops has been “The Farmers’ Friend” for over 30 years, transforming water efficiency for farmers and reducing labour, time and cost with innovative products and technology.


From humble beginnings with our founder, John Padman, inventing products from his backyard shed – to now – with up to 50 staff working from our Strathmerton factory and site, it’s certainly been a labour of love.


Our aim is not to just to help farms become more profitable and easier to run, but also to give farmers a better quality of life, with more time off to relax with their family.


Forever innovating, at the Padman Group we don’t just produce and sell products. Our dedicated teams design and customise entire specialised surface irrigation solutions for farms right across Australia.


We’re here to help you.

We are ready to help your farm become more efficient than ever before

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