Benefits of Padman Automation Solutions

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Save Water

Water is a limited resource and should be used wisely. As the population increases, the demand for water increases. Padman Automation Solutions reduce costs of water usage and equipment maintenance through automation control and detection of issues. Enabling you to be water efficient, lowering your water usage whilst maintaining and improving yield.  


Save Time

Time is money, we reduce your labor costs giving you peace of mind and a good night sleep. Our automated solutions save time and fuel costs spent travelling around the farm checking equipment, manually opening and closing bays and operating pumps.  


Save Power

Irrigate only when your crops need it creating maximum benefit to your crops and increasing production. Saving you power on pumping. Our actuation products are all solar powered making your farm environmentally friendly.

Increase Productivity


Our solutions allow you to manage your entire irrigation system. Using real-time soil and environmental data from your farm, our easy to operate software gives you total control of your irrigation needs. Significant savings in time, water and energy with increased production and yield are just a some of the benefits for your farm. Padman Automation enhances the sustainability of your farm.