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Time-based Automation Solutions

How Time-based Automation Works

AutoWinch PRO retrofits to manually-operated delivery bay outlets. The AutoWinch PRO can be programmed at the device to a range of intervals ensuring irrigation only commences for set period of time. The AutoWinch PRO can also be scheduled and programmed with the PAMS (Padmans Automation Management System) mobile app giving you peace of mind, eliminating over irrigation and saving you labour costs at the same time.

Every operation is different, so our team works with each customer to implement an automated irrigation system that is directly suited to their needs.

Discover how easy and affordable sensor-based irrigation farming is with Padman Automation.
Call our friendly team on 1800 254 594 to talk about how Padman Automation can help you save water, time and money. Or fill out our contact form.

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Tim Reid

‘’Just wanted to thank you for a very impressive service. From time of inquiry to delivery was incredible’

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Mike Naylor

"From thousands of siphons to none, from 3 people doing 2 water runs of 3 hours each twice a day for 500ha, to 2 people doing other important work, 1 person checking automated irrigation (often remotely) or while crop checking etc for over 1000ha."

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Mark Peterson

" has Improved irrigation efficiency, ease of use"

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