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Automated Solutions for Cotton


Automated Irrigation has Agronomic, Economic and Environmental Benefits


In cotton farming, seemingly small changes can have big impacts on crop productivity. How do growers maintain a balance between quality, health and productivity? Padman Group helps growers meet these challenges by providing a complete automated irrigation planning & control solution that can be managed via mobile phone, tablet or computer. 

Padman Automation allows you to capitlise on investment in siphon-less irrigation ensuring your layouts are ran to their potential. Padman Stops have helped thousands of farmers layout there property using a variety of tools including Large Pipe through the bank, Gl Bays (Bankless Head Ditch), Rollover Bays and Siphon-less with tail water backup.

How we help!
Water Use Efficiency

Padman Automation combines cloud-connected sensors and outlet automation so growers can remotely monitor soil moisture at the microblock level, and then toggle irrigation bay outlets using a smartphone or computer to better balance soil moisture across the entire field.

Crop Productivity

Growers gain access to real-time data to see when areas in the field are becoming too wet or too dry. This information lets growers adjust irrigation to help strike the perfect balance of stress  across their blocks.

Farmer Taking a Break
Reduced Labour Costs

Automation allows farmers to better leverage labour. The Padman group lead the way in Siphon-less irrigation. Staff are the life blood of any business, Automation solutions empower your staff to be more productive. Automation is enabling instances where staff are irrigating five times the area that they were previously able to.  

Reduce Pumping

By accurately monitoring and controlling the application of water to the cotton crop, waterlogging and water run-off are both minimised. This means that only the required amount of water is applied, reducing pump costs and both the supply point and in any reuse systems

soil watcher
Affordable and Reliable AgTech

Padman Automation AG IOT nodes are reliable and solar-powered. This eliminates the costs of continually replacing batteries and fixing unreliable data transmitters.

Padman Automation is committed to delivering low cost solutions that pay for themselves Often within the first growing season of use. Providing a solution with a low total cost of ownership is a key part of Padman Automation's mission

Improved Lifestyle

Spend more time with your family and loved ones with the time saved using an automated system installed on your cotton farm. Less stress and no more midnight trips to turn outlets off, our soil/water sensor or time based solutions give you control of your life again. Irrigation can even be monitored, scheduled and controlled when travelling away from the farm

Padman Automation is a 30 year, family owned and run business
Padman's automated irrigation solution allows you to deliver the right amount of water at the right place and at the right time. Our cloud-based system combines real time data on soil and crop conditions with automation tools to plan and control irrigation. Save hundreds of hours of labour, maximise crop yield and quality – all while optimising water efficiency!
Padman Automation Solutions for Cotton Farmers
Every operation is different, so our team works with each customer to implement an automated irrigation system that is directly suited to their needs.
Discover how easy and affordable remote irrigation for sugar cane farming is with Padman Automation.
donna wiseman.png

Donna Wiseman, Colleambally

I said to my husband, the year I turn 50 is the year I'm not doing siphons anymore. So we started buying Padmans flat out and we haven't looked back


Mike Naylor

Got a surface irrigation control structure  need, they will come up with an economic answer

rob black.png

Rob Black, Colleambally

"I can go away overnight and come back the next morning and I've had maybe 6-7 changes in that time"

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