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  • Portable and durable design.
  • Standalone variable water height/depth sensor.
  • Solar and battery powered.
  • Move with crop rotation on a seasonal basis.
  • Program in-field or operate via user-friendly Padman Automation Apps for superior programming and monitoring.
  • Can trigger pump and AutoWinch.
  • Annual, per device, low fuss fee for communication, data storage and Padman (PAMS) App.


The Sensor PRO is a rugged, portable sensor that is designed for detecting water as it moves across an irrigated area.


A typical use is to place the Sensor PRO at a predetermined point on an irrigated bay so when water reached that point, a signal can be used to open and close an irrigation outlet, trigger the next irrigation outlet, turn on/off a pump or send an advice message to the irrigator,

saving the irrigator the guess work of knowing when the watering is complete.

Sensor PRO

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