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Portable Automation Solutions

Padman Automation portable actuation systems feature AutoWinch PRO a rugged, solar powered system with unique camlock fastening system.

Our portable actuation systems are designed to be relocated on a daily basis giving you the best flexibility and value for money. Designed to withstand all conditions they can be operated on an on-site time scheduling program or be integrated with other sensor-based devices such as Chatterbox PRO or SoilWatcher Pro and subsequently be operated from your mobile device using the PAMS (Padman Automation Management System) app. Giving you the flexibility to concentrate on other farm operations.  

Watch the AutoWinch PRO in Action!

Every operation is different, so our team works with each customer to implement an automated irrigation system that is directly suited to their needs.

Discover how easy and affordable portable irrigation farming is with Padman Automation.
Call our friendly team on 1800 254 594 to talk about how Padman Automation can help you save water, time and money. Or fill out our contact form.

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donna wiseman.png

Donna Wiseman,

So we started buying Padmans flat out and we haven't looked back

Fast Watering_Darrel Lukies_38.jpg

Darryl Lukies, 

 "Installing Padman Stops is the most important thing we've done on our farm"

rob black.png

Rob Black,

"I believe with the fast watering I've improved the yields maybe by bottomline has improved"

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