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  • 100% Portable, unique and durable design for multiple change overs
  • Solar and battery powered
  • Built to be moved twice a day
  • Time based functionality
  • Integrates with Padman App
  • Can be paired with ChatterBOX Pro or WaterWATCHER to trigger commands.
  • Onsite, seven day scheduling
  • Multi-stage opening ability
  • Annual, per device, low fuss fee for communication, data storage and Padman (PAMS) App.


The AutoWinch PRO is a rugged, actuation system designed to open and close irrigation outlets, fitted with a Padman winch. Padman winches can be retrofitted to most irrigation brands infrastructure. Contained in a robust, one-piece enclosure, this self-contained portable winch is designed to be moved from outlet to outlet on a daily basis. Within the enclosure is a battery, powerful electric actuator and communication electronics.


Program in-field or operate via user-friendly Padman Automation Apps for superior programming and monitoring.

AutoWinch PRO

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