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About Us

R & D Department

The world around us continues to change and technologies develop. This is particularly true in the irrigation and communication sectors. For this very reason, Padman Automation Solutions has its own Research and Development team who continue to bring innovative solutions to the world of irrigation.

New solutions might include new water structure designs, modern ways of operating decades old existing infrastructure or incorporating the latest communication protocols in such a way that automated irrigation becomes even more powerful and cheaper to run.

R & D

Service and Support Department

Developing, producing and selling a product is only part of the story. Padman Automation products are sold to the customer with the expectation they will operate for years to come.

All Padman Automation products are developed with service in mind. Whether it is as simple as a device needing a new battery or a header running over a device, Padman Automation is able to service or repair its range of products. Often, products 10 or 20 years old can be repaired from the range of spare parts carried.


Because our products are built here, we also know how best to repair them.

Service and repair prices are kept to a minimum to ensure that you, the customer, continues to receive the best investment value for your irrigation equipment.

Service and Support

Production Department


Padman Automation builds the range of products in the dedicated workshop facility in Strathmerton.

This allows the dedicated automation team to control production and quality through every step of the manufacturing process.

It also allows us to create specialised solutions where a standard off-the-shelf- solution just isn’t quite right.

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