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Have you Updated your Padman App

We’re excited to let you know we have just updated our Padman IOS and Android App to enable some improvements for our customers.

The upgrade will mean that your phone app password will have been reset and will now be the same as your web app login details.

To open the webapp click below

Your user name is generally your email address and by using the “forgot password” link found on both mobile and webapps will reset and resend a default password to your email, once you log in a new password is created.

Step 1: In the web app go to the top right corner and select your name, then select “User Profile”

Step 2: Enter your new password and select "Save Password”

If you have forgotten your web app login or it doesn’t work as expected, please reply to this email and we will troubleshoot or reset your password for you.

We apologise for this small inconvenience.

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